If you have a website and have registered a domain name you’ve probably received one of these misleading emails:


We noticed you own a domain name similar to ******.COM which is now being sold.

Would you be interested in discussing this opportunity and acquiring this better version of your existing domain?

If so, please reply back to our email and we will provide you with further details.

You can also speed up this acquisition by visiting our secure offer page HERE and leaving your best offer immediately.

Kind regards,

Domain Brokers Team

Understand this…  These people are monitoring expiration dates of domain names (anyone can) and want you to think they have control of them.  They intend to negotiate a price well above the $10 it actually costs to register a domain name for a year.  Don’t waste your time on these spam losers.  Your money would be better spent on domain monitoring ($12.44/yr for 100-pack @  The domain monitoring service will send you an alert when the domain you’re waiting for becomes available.  Then you can simply go to your favorite domain registrar and register the domain for the standard price, rather than the inflated domain spam loser price.  It works pretty good.  I’ve secured a couple of domains that spam losers wanted to negotiate prices on.  The fact is, they aren’t going to register the name unless they know they can sell it.  So don’t respond, instead buy it out from under them.  Your chances are better with domain monitoring.

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