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Our Team

Recently I purchased Constant Contact through TC eMedia, and switched our email hosting to them. The transition went off without a hitch. We have all heard “you get what you pay for” - in the case of TC eMedia, you get far more than what you pay for.
I cannot put a value on the peace of mind they gave me through the entire process. We are a customer for life and darn glad of it. Thank you Lisa and Hutch for all you do!

- Dan Bennington Jr., Northwest Dairy Forwarding

Twin Cities eMedia has been providing computer and marketing solutions to our customers since 1990.  We pride ourselves on providing personalized service by treating each client with care and consideration. Our team is experienced and talented with the diverse skills needed to provide a complete solution: Computer and Network Support; Website Development and Hosting Services; Email Marketing and Social Media; Video Production and Photography.


The bottom line is... We're here to help.  Call us to learn more: 763-785-0371!